"Stop getting  distracted by the things that have nothing to do with your goal"

"Sometimes, the rejection is necessary so can force you to level up"

"I don't want to be around nothing but motivation"

"Don't be afraid to fail, be afraid to give".

"Just launch the business you can make it perfect later"

"Your mind must arrive at your destination before your life does"

"You become successful when your able to make a living off what you love to do"

"Market Yourself, Brand Yourself, Promote yourself, Invest in Yourself"

"Everything is a rick, but not doing anything is the biggest risk of them all"

"You Don't need to Keep up with anybody, just stick to your mission"

"I owe to myself to be consistent, disciplined and to stay focused"

"If you rush it, you'll ruin it....pause, pray and patient"